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Have you ever heard someone say they feel drained, or that they need a recharge?

MRK Recharge PEMF therapy is the application of pulsed magnetic fields to the entire body and targeted areas of issue.

PEMF uses electrical energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through tissue whereby each magnetic pulse induces a tiny electrical signal that stimulates cellular repair by enhancing up-take of oxygen, transport of ions (calcium, potassium, sodium) across cell membranes, improved circulation, enhanced sleep, pain relief, and stress reduction.

We can think of PEMF as a battery charger for our cells.

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Equine Session

Single Full body:  $80 (45-minute sessions)

Regular full body packages:
      - 3 sessions: $216
      - 6 sessions: $408


Acute Injury Sessions: Must use one of the following packages

Must first have full body session with discussion of injury and discuss injury sessions and packages.

Acute Injury Packages:
*required* (30-minute sessions)

      - 3 sessions: $150 ($50/session)
      - 6 sessions: $270 ($45/session)
      - 10 sessions: $400 ($40/session)

Human Session

Full Body Sessions:
      - 30 min: $40
      - 60 min: $60
      - 90 min: $120


Acute Injury Sessions: Must use one of the following packages
30 min sessions to a single area
      - 1 session: $40 ($40/session)
      - 3 sessions: $105 ($35/session)
      - 6 sessions: $180 ($30/session)


Monthly Memberships

Initial one-time joining fee: $75

Membership Plans:
Basic:  2 full body sessions per month included
      - Monthly Fee: $136; 20% discount off regular pricing
      - 20% discount on additional services (includes package pricing)

Moderate:  4 full body sessions per month included
      - Monthly Fee: $240; 25% discount off regular pricing
      - 25% discount on additional services 
includes package pricing)

Premium:  8 full body sessions per month included
      -  Monthly Fee: $480; 25% discount off regular pricing
      -  30% discount on additional services
includes package pricing)

Please see the membership rules.

Session & Membership Rules:

  • Memberships only applies to equine; discounts will extend to human services but
    must be booked at same time of equine.

  • 30 day written notice required to cancel/end memberships.

  • Sessions must be used within the same month; unused sessions will not roll over to
    the next month. Pre-scheduling sessions is ideal to ensure all are used.

  • Sessions in membership can be on different horses unless acute package is purchased.

  • Acute packages must be purchased after a full body treatment is given and must remain to specific horse. Exceptions will be allowed for current client horses previously seen and known to have acute treatments.

  • Stand-alone packages must be used within their consecutive time frames. (ex: 3 package has 6 weeks to use; 6 package has 12 weeks to use) They must also be prescheduled at each appointment – meaning appointment 2 is scheduled at appointment 1; appointment 3 is scheduled at appointment 2 and so on.


Traveling Fees
Traveling Fees can be split if multiple clients from SAME barn.

  1. Within 0-20 miles of MRK Stables – $10.00

  2. 20-35 miles - $25.00

  3. Over 35 miles contact us for more details.

Competition Fees
Competition Fees can only be for current regular clients (members)

  1. If Brittany is competing at same venue -
    $15 fee + Session fee


  2. If Brittany is not competing at same venue – pricing varies depending on travel time; typically, regular travel fees apply UNLESS overnight stay is required.

  3. If MRK Recharge PEMF has set up a tent at a competition grounds, there will be no traveling or competition fees. We will also have show special pricing depending on the event. We can come to your trailer or stall where your horse will be pampered!

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