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Buzz Off All-Natural Fly Salve 

Finally! A powerful fly repellent salve plus sunscreen that is made using only natural ingredients. The Buzz Off All-Natural Fly Salve does not contain any deet, pyrethrin, or permethrin.


  • Made with Herbal Tea, ACV, Neem, coconut, grapeseed oils, Manuka honey and 8 natural essential oils. We added Carrot Seed and raspberry oils and zinc oxide for UV protection
  • Made with all-natural human grade ingredients
  • Buzz Off All-Natural Fly Salve + Sunscreen is even safe for the most sensitive skin types
  • Coat areas that are prone to insect bites to protect your equine partner and works great as a antibacterial ointment for small wounds, scratches and rain rot. Put on those pink noses to protect against the sun
  • Size: 6 ounce

Buzz Off Fly + Sunscreen

  • Directions For Use:  
    For best results, apply to a clean horse. Prior to applications, brush horse’s coat to remove excess dirt and dust.
    Application Instructions:
    Apply to clean areas where the flies, gnats and any other biting bugs may bite. Can be used around wounds. This salve has antiseptic/antibacterial properties to help with healing while keeping the bugs off. It will also protect against the sun.
    Special Note: 
    Contains 100% active ingredients and essential oils. Please refer to ingredients list. If your horse is allergic to any of these ingredients, please do not use.

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